My Amazing Experience with Daffodils

Amazing Experiences with Daffodils

I have to say in the vast world of flowers, daffodils are one of my all-time. I have many amazing experiences with daffodils throughout my life and I can only say good things of the flower. I have started to grow a very large amount of daffodils for my Windham Garden business and I am enjoying every last minute of the process. I am in fact looking to get a large order of daffodils in the upcoming weeks as my daffodils begin to bloom into yellow magnificence. The order is going to a fellow support of a cancer foundation which utilizes daffodils as their official flower, his name is Ace.

I began wondering of the many people like Ace and I. There really are so many great people out there who are supporting charities, it’s an amazing thing. You will often notice that many charities will utilize a specific flower to champion their cause. Of course, when I realized that a charity was using a daffodil to champion their cause to beat cancer I simply had to join in. Daffodils are just such a beautiful flower which really does represent courage and bravery; it’s a very fitting flower for any kind of charity.

Rocky Mountain Hiking

I have had many very significant incidences where I have felt the true power and energy that emanates from daffodils. I was once taking a large hike along the Rocky Mountains and was extremely exhausted at one point. I was hiking with a large group of many experienced hikers and I was the only one there who was going on his first hiking expedition. I was truly convinced that I was going to fall behind and get lost from the pack of hikers that I was hiking with. However, just as I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to go any further I was amazingly shocked to see that the group had stocked at a large field of daffodils.

We all just stood there and stared at the amazing scent and beauty of the endless fields of daffodils that were located nearby the mountain. I immediately forgot about my fatigue and any type of pain that I had felt before seeing the amazing flowers. It was a very enlightening experience as we just stood there and enjoyed the power that the daffodils were channeling onto us. I dare say that we just stood in awe of the flowers for around 5 minutes before one of us uttered a single word.

Ultimately, we decided that the field of daffodils would have been the best place to set up camp for the night. There was really something about setting up camp next to the field of daffodils that was extremely empowering. I remember seeing many of the fellow hikers going around and collecting small bunches of the daffodils and covering their room with the flower. We certainly didn’t eat the daffodils however – if you didn’t know already, daffodils are poisonous when eaten!


The day after we spent the night amongst the daffodils I was blessed with an energy and radiance that I had never felt before during a hiking expedition. I was walking among the veteran hikers for the entire expedition after that. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but something definitely just clicked inside me that allowed me to go ahead with the hike in flying inside me. I truly like to believe that it was thanks to the daffodils that I was able to go ahead and finish the hike. You really had to be there to understand the sheer aura and energy that was emitted from the field of daffodils – it was nature at its finest.

The Amazing Life Changing Properties of Tulips

How Growing Tulips Could Increase Your Quality of Life

This post will be looking into how tulips could help out your life for the better. Gardening, especially cultivating flowers has been known to help out in a vast majority of ways. I’m not simply talking about having a nice and pretty garden – although, that is a small part of the picture.

There have been significant studies that show that gardening and other hobbies that involve nature can significantly improve mental health. I’m definitely proof of this, being among nature can really help out your situation no matter how bad it is. I personally think that the answer to many of our problems are out there in nature. All it takes is for a walk in the park to immediately feel better about everything in life.

I think that tulips are the best flower to use when it comes to gardening. The reason behind this is because tulips are relatively low maintenance and grow fairly fast. I also think that tulips are one of the prettiest flowers at the moment; the radiant shine of tulips during a sunny day is something that can’t be beat.

TulipsThere are many colors of tulips available from the pinkest pink to the most golden yellow. I would suggest that if you were going to start growing tulips would be to grow a whole variety of colors. Having a whole array of colors in your garden is something that will certainly impress anyone who looks upon your garden. In addition, the pride and happiness you get from creating something so beautiful will make you feel like a million dollars – that’s for sure.

You can easily get your hands on tulip seeds of differing colors at your local gardening store, even a hardware store often has a gardening section with tulip seeds. Growing tulips is extremely easy as well, you simply need to make sure to water them regularly and possibly provide a nice fertilizer to allow them to grow tall and beautiful.

I have a huge array of tulips in my backyard which I began growing over 5 years ago. If you didn’t know already Windham Gardens and Floral is my business, and tulips are one of my best selling flower. I do use the tulips for my business, as I want to share these beautiful flowers with the rest of the world. However, I make sure to keep a nice amount of the flowering tulips alone in my garden so I can relish their beauty in peace.

I have to say that having the tulips and having a business that revolves around interacting with nature has greatly improved my quality of life. I haven’t been this happy ever since I was a young carefree child playing in the fields of my family’s farm. Of course we can’t all choose to work with nature, but even the smallest yet constant interaction with nature is bound to have a positive effect. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to make the first step in rekindling their relationship with nature by planting some beautiful tulips.

How Sunflowers Can Improve Your Life

Why You Should Integrate Sunflowers into Your Life

The sunflower is a flower which almost all of us are familiar with. Sunflowers are used for so many different functions in society it is often hard to tally all of them. I have found that amongst all of these uses, there is great potential to increase your quality of life by utilizing the many effects of sunflowers.

I have been using sunflowers not only for my Windham Floral business but also for my personal wellbeing as well. Sunflowers definitely don’t stop at simply being pretty, that’s for sure. The Russians have been known to be pioneers of using sunflowers and I have taken many notes from their pioneers as to what benefits sunflowers can have on our lives.

After much trial and error through the years I think I have come up with a few definitive reasons as to why everyone should go ahead and incorporate sunflowers and their products into their lives.

I had read around that the owner of had also been going through a health transformation. I decided to see his progress that he was posting throughout Twitter and his Instagram. He gave me lots of really great information regarding sunflowers and he has helped me write this article.

Sunflower Oil

Many people seem to have gone and started using such oil products such as canola for their everyday cooking. I personally think that sunflower oil is the much better choice when it comes to culinary oils. There really are many different types of oils you can choose from such as peanut oil and even coconut oil. Overall, I believe the health benefits of sunflower oil outweigh all of the other oils on the market.

Sunflower oil has been proven countless times to be able to reduce cholesterol and other types of fattening body products. Such properties can be really useful for the growing amount of Americans who are developing heart problems. It’s such a shame that America is the world’s most overweight country, I think that making the switch to sunflower oil could be a very good first step for reversing this.

Ace personally says that he noticed the greatest improvement in his health from switching to sunflower from using lard for frying. He said that his cholesterol levels dropped significantly!

Used for Centuries

There is nothing like looking at history when it comes to proving the usefulness of a particular product. If you look at the sunflower plant, you’ll see that it has been used by countless cultures throughout the beginning of history.

The Native Americans have used sunflower for medicinal uses ages before the first settlers even set foot on the land that they were to call America. The Native Americans used sunflower extracts to deal with many different health problems in their tribes. For one, the sunflower extract was found to be very useful in dealing with those who had headaches and other inflammatory problems in the tribe. Even today, sunflower extracts can be used to treat such ailments.

The Chinese even used sunflower stems to make paper and other useful components. The inside of sunflowers is known to be one of the lightest substance per gram known to man. Such sunflower components have been essential to agriculture even today. You’ll find that many farming products will be mixed with some type of sunflower component due to its ability to absorb water at such low densities.

There certainly many ways that sunflower can improve your life. The information listed in this article is simply the tip of the iceberg.


The Parallels Peony Share with Acacia Wood

Why the Peony is Similar to Acacia Wood

I think that the peony flower is one of the most under-appreciated flowers in the Western world. Considering all of the amazing history that the flower has, not to mention its beauty, it’s a big shame it isn’t utilized as often as it should. I have decided that this would be a perfect time to enlighten you all on what exactly makes peonies an amazing flower and why you should use it more often.

I have had the pleasure of growing peonies for my business for a few years now. In saying that, I can only grow a certain amount of the flower as it isn’t very popular. I often have to combine the peony with other flower assortment bundles to get any sales of the flower. I’m not sure if this is just a Connecticut thing, but the lack of peony appreciation has to be addressed!

I’ve seen around the web that acacia is a type of wood that isn’t very utilized in the world of home improvement. I’ve read blogs which are struggling to get any traction as they are focusing on trying to extend that image of acacia but fall face first because nobody seems to have heard of the wood in any significant context. You can really see the equal parallels that can be drawn from the peony situation and that of acacia wood and other underutilized woods which are actually really amazing.

Acacia and Peony have Strong and Significant Histories

If you look deeper into both acacia and peony you will find out that they have all been at one point been a very important cultural icon today and even centuries ago. Both of these seemingly unrelated materials actually represented great cultural movements past and present. I think that if you really want to understand how amazing these materials are, you will have to look at both their history respectively.

Acacia WoodThe acacia is one of the most common species of wood in Africa. You will find that many tribes utilized the wood for hundreds of different uses for many centuries. It has been known that many tribal accessories have utilized the beauty and strength of the acacia wood. In addition you will find that a lot acacia has even been used as medicine for many African tribes.

The peony has been well known all over Asia and Western Europe for its impeccable beauty. The peony had been hailed as a flower to represent beauty and power for thousands of years in these countries. The peony has been used in many different traditional Japanese festivals and sometimes has even overshadowed the significance of the cherry blossom in Japan. The peony is one of the most common and utilized recreational and decorative flower in many Asian countries.

Overall you can see that the history of these two materials really is similar in how they were respected and used by the communities surrounding them.

Both Are Known to Be Extremely Beautiful for Decorative Use

Acacia wood along with peonies has been used for their amazing decorative properties. Simply looking at both of these materials you will see that they really are a testament to the beauty produced by Mother Nature.

peonyPeonies as I have stated above are one of the most popular flower option in Asian countries such as Japan for decorative purposes. Peonies have been known to be one of the best choices when it comes to adding a touch of color to any type of home or office. The majestic purple tone of the peony and its variants has all known to be eye catching and very pleasing to the beholder.

Acacia is one of the most utilized woods to be used in decorative wood sculptures. That’s right, even though they aren’t used often when it comes to flooring and other ‘practical’ uses for no good reason at all, acacia does get some of the limelight when it comes to the arts. If you are to go around to your local art museum you will be sure to find that any artwork involving wood there will most certainly be made of acacia. The reason behind this of course is because acacia is simply an extremely beautiful wood that is very easily cut and sculpted so it is a very good choice for art sculptures.

I’m pretty sure that by now you can see the vast merits of both acacia and peonies. Hopefully with this new realization you can go ahead and utilize these amazing materials for anything such as decorating.

Yellow Roses are Unbeatable in Their Beauty

The Unbeatable Beauty of Yellow Roses

Everyone seems to be obsessed with red roses. If you ask me, I think that the red rose thing has been overplayed way too much in popular culture. In fact, I would go as far to say that going and getting red roses for your love is probably as corny as the latest chick-flick being produced in Hollywood studios just as we speak.

Well, if red roses are corny and have little to none sentimental value that it may once have had – does that means roses have lost their charm? No, not in the slightest. If you didn’t know already, roses have lots of different species and come in many different colors. As you can tell from the title of this article, I personally think yellow roses are the new red rose. Yellow roses represent everything the red rose once did and does it in a contemporary and refreshing new style.
If you’re looking to go ahead and buy red roses for whatever occasion whether it is for your significant lover – the better option is to go with yellow roses.

What you need to understand is that roses have over 100 unique and individual sub-species. There are so many different types of roses that you can’t confide yourself to just the traditional red rose. Yes, there are many other colors – not just yellow and red. Although like I have mentioned above, I personally think yellow is the best rose sub-species and provides the best amount of charm and taste for any type of occasion where a rose is necessary.

Yellow RosesIn addition there are many different types of hybrid yellow roses. With that being said, a rule of thumb when it comes to yellow roses is that they are some type of cross hybrid breed. What this means is the yellow rose will often be very pleasantly fragrant which, a trait that we all look for in a good rose. These hybrid yellow roses allow for a perfect fragrance throughout the year which can definitely amplify man situations that you may find yourself in.

The color of the yellow rose is also very eye catching and beautiful. The red rose can sometimes be a little bit too overpowering for the most of us, the strong red color can often be too ostentatious. When it comes to a yellow rose the coloring is just right for it to be pleasantly eye catching yet able to blend in with its background without drawing any extra attention. I have heard of many great stories of people running into a yellow rose and being pleasantly surprised at its conspicuous yet harmonizing traits. The yellow rose truly is an amazing flower which can really blend in with its surroundings and make it better.

I think that I have set the case clear here as to why the yellow rose is the superior choice over red roses. You bring your partner a red rose you will stink of being typical, bring your partner a yellow rose then you are an innovative romantic. Grow yellow roses in your yard and you’ll definitely be the talk of the town with your seemingly beautiful yet unconventional flowers.